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The online magazine is back!

After a rather long break, we're finally back online with Darklands Magazine!

Darklands Magazine (ex-Rimfrost) 2019 Art by UK artist, Vlad Quigley.

Rimfrost (2003 - 2009)

Rimfrost started back in 2003 as a fantasy cartoon fanzine with Ravn (Trollmåne/Ravenheim) as editor and publisher. When Darklands got involved and eventually bought, and took over the entire running - and publishing of the magazine in 2006, the magazine changed into a glossier, more music related goth magazine, which, as the only magazine of its kind in Norway, got distributed in shops all over the country. We also received quite a bit of press coverage in the UK, and also requests from bands all over the world wanting to be featured in the magazine. Rimfrost was in Norwegian, and had interviews with big names such as Apoptygma Berzerk, My Dying Bride, Deathstars, My Ruin, The 69 Eyes, Combichrist, Gothminister, Mortiis, Zeromancer and loads of other bands.

Darklands Magazine (2010 - present)

With running the shop in Kristiansand, the online shop and now also the time consuming work of creating and publishing a glossy magazine, organizing everything from journalists, photographers, staff, design, subscriptions, sales, ad sales, deadlines, in addition to huge costs that comes with creating, publishing, printing and shipping the magazine, and also the fact that the day unfortunately only has 24 hours, we decided to let issue no. 20 be the last printed issue, and went online and created a brand new magazine website. This has since then changed, and is now being re-created and launched at this very address, here at We are also on Facebook and Instagram.


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