Redemption Goth Club Est. 2003
Synth, goth, punk and rock n' roll

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Redemption Goth Club
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Previous events

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BANDS who have played at Redemption and Lost Souls:
Ancestral Legacy, Artifact, Ask Embla, Goatlord, Green Carnation, Hollywood Vampires, Killing Miranda (UK), Konfront, Mortiis, Neongod, Second Shadow, Sins of Thy Beloved, Sirenia, Subsonic Mind (SE), Toxic, Trendkill, Tømmermenn, Zensor.

DJ'S who have played at Redemption and Lost Souls:
DJ Gothminister, DJ Burlesk (Black Alert), DJ Halfface (Gothminister, Elektrostat, Black Alert, Club Maiden og So What!) DJ Alex Tjore, DJ SuperBeast, DJ Rubbz, Ravn (Rimfrost), Kim/Lucy Fucking Lipstick, Ronny (Trail of Tears), Simen (Goatlord), Leif (Goatlord), Therese/digigoth (Darklands, Redemption, Rimfrost), Anette (Redemption), Kine (Redemption), Disease Inc. (Neongod), DJ Party-Elvis (Figur Flint), DJ Snoid (Tonka), Daggi (Guardians of Time), Ragnar (DJ Zootka), Vibeke, Osvald/DJ Ack (Goatlord), Ole, Tom, Øystein, Fafnir (Redemption), Per Øyvind, Tula (Redemption), DJ Jezebel, DJ Jon Martin.

About Redemption

Redemption Goth Club. Kristiansand, Norway. Established in 2003
Redemption also arranged a weekly metal pub, music quiz + our very own annual Halloween music festival.

Lost Souls
music festival

Halloween music festival in Kristiansand, Norway, arranged by Redemption in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Bands, shopping + art exhibitions.