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Darklands - Fashion & Lifestyle

Darklands is a Norwegian company based in Kristiansand, Norway. Darklands has since 2003 been a distributor of goth, punk, metal, rock, urban and alternative clothing, importing clothes, boots and accessories from well known clothing companies all over the world.

Darklands online shop at

Darklands online shop opened in January 2004 with a small selection of T-shirts and longsleeves. This quickly expanded to hair and make-up, jewellery, shoes and boots, bags and wallets, books and magazines, piercing jewellery + gifts and accessories. 🖤

Darklands moves in to Kollektivet in March 2020!

Darklands becomes a part of "Kollektivet" in Kristiansand! 🖤

Several local entrepeneurs and business owners are joining forces and opening up a big shop together, like a mini market of individual shops, focusing on fashion, design, jewellery, vintage clothing and furniture, and zero waste/sustainable products. We're located at Markensgate 31 in Kristiansand

Darklands shop in Kristiansand, Norway

Darklands shop in Kristiansand opened on the 1st of December 2004 Through almost 8 years we were in business, running a goth shop in a small town in Norway, and had so many loyal customers coming from all around the country to buy clothes, boots, jewellery and accessories from us. Sadly we had to close down in March 2012, while focusing on the online store at 🖤

Rimfrost/Darklands Magazine

Darklands published the printed glossy magazine Rimfrost between 2003 and 2009, until issue no. 20, interviewing amazing bands and artists, such as: My Dying Bride, Apoptygma Berzerk, My Ruin + many many more! In 2010, we changed the name to Darklands Magazine and went online. Click on the picture to go to our magazine's home page for interviews, articles and loads more! 🖤

Darklands out and about at festivals

Darklands has been to all the big festivals in Norway: Inferno Metal Festival (Oslo), Hole In The Sky (Bergen), Quart Festival (Kristiansand) + several others. We started selling merchandise at festivals as far back as 2003, even before the web shop opened, and we still love going out and meet friends and customers at festivals. 🖤

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